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Zack Nephron

This is my little Zack. Zack Nephron. He’s a cute kidney. And he’s very prone to injury! His twin brother’s name is Calixte. They are very lovely babies, and they make their Mama proud, but I am noticing that as they quickly age, they require more and more vigilance. Especially in the kitchen. They seemContinue reading “Zack Nephron”

The Oliguric Oligarch

Meet Olav. He’s an oliguric oligarch.  How, exactly, did fate lead him to such a unique and fictional predicament? The creative neural pathways in my brain connected the Russian doping scandal with Stephen Colbert’s interview with Mikhail Prokhorov, and married them with my nephrology studies. Olav, born in an undisclosed country, worked his way upContinue reading “The Oliguric Oligarch”