COVID Operation

COVID Blah-g

Going Viral and Setting the World a-Blaise: Three Steps to Thinking Better

  • A look at how a time of confinement and isolation can benefit us.

How to Keep Your Mind

  • A reflection on habit formation to maintain a sound mind.

Pandemic Reading List

Finding Meaning in the Midst of Suffering

Habit Formation

Mental Health Management

Philosophical Classics

Resources (Categories in alphabetical order)

Canadian Resources

COVID-19, Pregnancy & Infant Care

Educational resources

General Statistical Information

Mental Health Apps

  • Headspace – “Mindfulness for your everyday life. Stress less. Move more. Sleep soundly.”
  • Calm – “The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep”

National Pandemic Management

Sources of Hope

  • John Krasinski‘s new YouTube channel, “Some Good News“, looking at some of the good happening in the world these days (WARNING: Tears of joy are highly likely)

Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

Symptom Management & Treatment

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