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Zack Nephron

This is my little Zack. Zack Nephron.

(C) Laughsatives ’19

He’s a cute kidney.

And he’s very prone to injury!

His twin brother’s name is Calixte.

They are very lovely babies, and they make their Mama proud, but I am noticing that as they quickly age, they require more and more vigilance.

Especially in the kitchen.

They seem to have certain preferences when it comes to troublemaking: They love bananas (K+), milk (Ca2+), salt (Na+), pumpkin seeds (PO43-), and water (H2O), among a few other things; it always seems innocent, at first, but the subsequent mishmash leads to messes and boo-boo’s.

It always breaks my heart to see my adorable kidneys injured, and I’m doing everything I can to protect them and prevent their predicaments. So much so, that I’ve decided to offer my experiential wisdom to all of the parents out there caring for their sweet, cute kidneys. I want to share the dos and don’ts that I’ve come across, and hopefully learn from the millions in the world who are striving just like I am.

I also look forward to posting my creative recipes!

Thank you, so so much, for reading about my sweet Zack and Calixte, and please stay tuned.

— — —

Janet Nephron (née Renal)

(C) Laughsatives ’19

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